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How to Close a Sale for Your Small Business

Running a small business is no easy task, especially in this economy. Nevertheless, selling products and services is a must for any company that wants to stay afloat during these rough economic times.

For small business owners, this likely means that they will have to dedicate more hours to cold calling and sales meetings. While the goal of any good business person is to hear the word “yes” after a sales pitch, there are several steps that one can take to ensure that this happens:

  • Ask before you tell. In order to find out what aspects of your company’s products or services will benefit a potential customer the most, ask them a set of questions that you prepare beforehand. If you’re an insurance agent talking to a business owner, consider asking if he or she has heard word around the office regarding whether or not employees are satisfied with their benefits. This can lead to a perfect opportunity for you to explain the benefits of your Dallas, TX group insurance plans.

  • Prepare for the worst. Some of the most successful sales people are admittedly persistent. While it’s more likely that you will receive a “no” than a “yes,” being ready with a response to the reason that potential customers give for their rejection can take them by surprise and potentially even change their mind. More often than not, the reason why people don’t want to purchase a product or service is money. Therefore, being prepared to offer Dallas TX life insurance quotes and able to explain how these policies can save individuals’ families years of financial hardship can prove that you have their best interests in mind and that their reason for rejection is a common misconception.

  • Conduct a self-evaluation after both good and bad sales meetings. The only way to improve your marketing skills is to learn from your mistakes and your triumphs. If a call or meeting was a success, ask yourself, “What did I do different this time around?” Or, if things didn’t go well, make a note of what the prospective clients did not respond well to. Although there are many thriving small businesses, few would say that they plan to slow down their sales efforts. Company owners who are not experts in sales and marketing may need to put in extra effort to keep their client list stable, but understanding the basics of getting people interested in your products or services can help you along the way and also build your reputation as a knowledgeable professional in your industry.

About the Author: Howard Crissey, Owner of Benefit Resource Group, has been running the agency since it opened in 1973. Benefit Resource Group provides Texas residents with coverage for their business and personal insurance needs.

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