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How to Create an Effective Social Media Policy

For many insurance agencies, social media can be a difficult path to balance. On the one hand, it is a significant portion of any marketing campaign and thus needs to be governed by the same rules and guidelines of the rest of the marketing efforts. On the other hand, many organizations have recognized the importance of presenting an authentic picture of the company, which sometimes involves having different people write and post or answer questions who might not normally be involved directly with marketing. Developing a social media office policy can help keep the material posted by the agency current and ascribing to the professional standards that the agency seeks.


Determine exactly who can use the sites

There should be no confusion about who can post on the various social media sites. Each person with permission to use the sites should be familiar with the aims of each platform and how the platform integrates with the rest of the marketing goals. Those who do not have permission to post on the site should have a contact person they can reach out to should they have ideas about what might help engage followers and potential customers.


Develop a code of conduct

Every employee who has permission to update the agency’s social media pages should be familiar with a uniform code of conduct when online. This form should outline exactly how the agency should be presented, what the policies are for various types of communication (such as client complaints, questions, or compliments), and the tone that should be taken when speaking on behalf of the company. All employees should be given examples of best practices so they have a way to model their behavior.


Outline the purpose and goals of the social media usage

Be reviewing with employees the exact purpose of the social media pages and how to provide value for customers, those updating the platforms will have a higher likelihood of developing content that addresses the marketing goals of the platforms. Reviewing this information will help keep everyone on the same page and sharing the same quality of posts and updates on the various social platforms.


Strive for balance

There is a balance that every agency must strive for between time used for social media and time used for regular business functions. Leaders must work together to determine the best balance to keep communicating with clients while also developing the agency. This balance will be vital for the success of the agency’s efforts on all fronts. An in-office social media policy can help incorporate the various platforms with the rest of the agency’s marketing efforts and how the agency communicates with potential clients.

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