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How to Get Your Agency Ranked High in Online Map Listings

Is your business on the map? You've worked hard to ensure that you can be found in online searches, but are you part of online maps? When people are looking for location-based information, it's important to have your business pop up and onto your customers' mental maps of your area. Location information needs to be part of your insurance agency marketing plan.

Putting Your Business on the Map

When you're trying to put your business on the map, we're not talking about old school paper maps. No, we're talking about online maps that show local businesses. If someone types "insurance" into a map tool such as Google Maps, does your name come up? There are a limited number of names and addresses of insurance companies that can come up on the map's sidebar, and you want to be in that special group of 5 or 10.

How to Ensure That Your Agency Ranks High

You can work to ensure that your agency ranks high in map searches. First, verify your information so that you have the correct website and phone number on the site. Choose a single address and phone number even if you have multiple locations. Make sure that your categories are appropriate to your business, and fill out all 5 business categories to make sure that you come up in as many searches as possible. Next, get connected. Seek out user reviews to add to your profile, and encourage individuals and other local businesses to link to yours. When you're using keywords and clickable links, make sure that you add location information to your business description, as this helps when people are searching for a local business.

What should you avoid when you're trying to be well-ranked on Google's maps page? Avoid negative reviews, of course, or encourage others to comment so that your reviews are more balanced. Ensure that you have a local number and address and that you have a single number and address on your listing. Finally, if you have multiple branches, treat each as a separate location on Google Maps so that people can see what insurance agency is in their specific area.

Why Location-Based Data Matters

While much shopping occurs online, a lot of customers still look to their own neighborhoods to get the core services they need. They want to have a local doctor, auto repair professional, and a local insurance agency. They may ask about local professionals via word of mouth and find you that way, but if they're at a loss, in a hurry, or they're moving to the area, they seek out simple ways to check out multiple agencies, and this includes location-based searches. While posting content online may get you a dedicated following of visitors from around the world, ensuring that your name is in the local maps will get you an even more important following: local people who are actually interested in buying from your business.

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