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How to Get Your Insurance Website Favorited

From your favorite stuffed animal to your favorite gourmet restaurant, we all have favorites throughout our lives. We love to be the favorite too, and when you're talking about your insurance agency, becoming a favorite can have significant paybacks for your business. How can you use the web to become well-loved in the world at large? That's where social networking comes in.

1. Think Inbound Marketing
In the past, advertising was all about sending your brand and your message out to the public. While you can continue to do that today, you also want to use inbound marketing techniques. Draw your potential customers in with content that speaks to the needs they have, and make sure that your article features the keywords they're searching for online.

2. Extend Your Network
When you're creating an excellent website, you need to direct people to it in many different ways. Use social media to promote articles you have on your site, and add names to a newsletter that links back to information on your website. By extending the reach of your articles, you'll increase your chance of becoming someone's favorite.

3. Create Substantial Content
Your website can be a minimalist online business card for your insurance agency, or it can be full of rich, substantial content that will bring your customers and prospective customers back again and again. While it takes time and money to create that content, your customers will reward you by using you as a resource. When they need to remember what to look for in a new medical insurance plan, you'll be right there in their favorites.

4. Create Evergreen Content
While a deciduous tree loses its leaves every fall, an evergreen tree looks fresh all year round. You want the information that you send out to the world to be consistently fresh. While a blog post about the dangers of the newest seasonal toy might become popular for a week or two, information about how to find insurance when you're a renter will become more popular for those who are moving or considering changing their insurance company.

5. Write in Plain Language
When you're a specialist in your field, it pays to be user-friendly. From an easy-to-read site to language that explains insurance issues in simple terms that everyone can understand, you want to be approachable and friendly. This will keep your customers coming back as they try to understand the insurance issues that impact their everyday lives.

6. Become a Resource
Another option for becoming a favorite is to become a well-known resource that's updated over time. Your resource doesn't necessarily need to be about insurance. If you're based in a single community, you could develop a seasonal and updated activity guide for parents in the community. While this takes effort, it can offer a good payback as parents bookmark your site and come to it again and again.

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