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How to Hire Quality Employees

Employees are the heart and soul of every organization and play a huge role in the success and profitability of a company. Without a dedicated and hard-working staff, no company would be able to thrive in a competitive business environment. But how do you find the right employees that will help you grow your small business and gain an advantage over your competitors? You do not want to waste time and money hiring and training the wrong person for the job, and just as you want to protect your business assets with Texas business insurance, you also want to protect the reputation of your company by hiring the right people.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring your next employee:

  • Create accurate job descriptions– The first thing you must do is advertise that you are hiring through whatever means you find necessary, be it your own website, job ad directories, or other mediums. When creating your job posting, you must include a detailed and accurate description of the position. By writing a description that appropriately explains the details of the position you will limit the number of responses you get from poorly qualified or uninterested applicants.
  • Screen resumes for key qualities and qualifications– Once the resumes start flooding your inbox, the next step is to screen and sort them into two categories: qualified and unqualified applicants. To make this process easier it is helpful to create a list of desired qualities and qualifications to look for. The applicants whose resumes suggest they meet your requirements will be the ones that are called for an interview.
  • Avoid biases– Once you bring an applicant in for an interview, it is time to ask them questions that will expand on the information given to you on their resume. During this part of the process, it is important to avoid being biased. Humans have a natural tendency to favor people who are similar to them. Employees who are different from you can work to complement your style and skills. Just remember the list of qualities and qualifications you have for this position and try to find the best fit.


Next time you decide to hire additional employees, remember these tips and the process will be less stressful and will yield better results.


About the Author: Dan Noltensmeyer is the Owner of Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, LLC. With 6 office locations in Texas, Dan’s agency provides risk transfer solutions and insurance products to protect the assets of families. Since 1997, Noltensmeyer Insurance Services has made personal attention and long-term relationships the foundation of their business.

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