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How to Manage Your Most Difficult Clients

One of the most challenging aspects of an insurance job is dealing with those clients who seem bent on making your work life difficult. What are your options when you are working with difficult clients? How can you make it through those client meetings and turn them into a positive experience?


Set Clear Boundaries and Expectations 

As you work with your clients, you know that some people will always find the boundaries and push them. This can be challenging to you as an employee. Make sure that you know and articulate the boundaries that you have, and know where you can bend those as well. According to Digital Synopsis, some clients will insist on getting a little more out of your team every time you talk. Show that you’ve listened to the client’s requests, and share clearly your ability to meet those requests within the set parameters.


Speak Carefully 

If you’re working with someone who’s escalating a conflict with a raised voice and fast words, be slower and conscious about how you speak. Don’t speak so slowly that you’re frustrating, but try to project a feeling of calm, confidence, and non-confrontation. This helps reduce any escalation of the conflict.


Empathize With Your Client 

Even if the client is wrong, find a way to bring yourself into empathy and agreement with that person. For instance, if a situation is frustrating, agree that it is frustrating. Even if you can’t change the particular situation, by empathizing, you let your clients know that you are on their side. This can surprise those who are seeking a confrontation and potentially derail it before it happens.


Learn What Makes Your Clients Tick 

While it may be that the last thing you want to do when someone is needy or angry, it makes sense to draw yourself into a closer relationship with that person by listening. According to Entrepreneur, “by listening, the salesperson has the opportunity to build trust, empathy, and rapport and it calms down the difficult person.”

By learning more about your clients, you can make your life easier in the long run. For instance, if you have an elderly client who is frustrated about your services and talks to you for a long time about this, you might learn that person is lonely and spends time on the phone discussing issues with service providers. You might also find that person is confused about the policy and may be suffering from dementia. If you know that you’ll spend longer on the phone with this client and you’re prepared to do so, then you’ll adjust your expectations for the call and be more compassionate. Then, the interaction will feel less challenging for everyone involved.


Be Kind to Your Clients 

Go out of your way to connect with your insurance clients. For instance, if clients mention that they just had a baby and that’s why they are changing insurance policies, you could send a card of congratulations. When possible, offer a discount or a deal to clients who are struggling to make payments. Be consistent with this kindness, and you will find that you’ll bring people into a closer relationship with your business.

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