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How to Sell Insurance to Generation Z

Generation Z is the up and coming generation. This generation is just now reaching adulthood, and while many have not yet started families, some are starting to move out, look at apartments, and drive. This means that they have insurance needs. What are the specific needs of this generation when it comes to insurance marketing?


Understanding Generation Z  

According to McKinsey, Generation Z has grown up as “true digital natives: from earliest youth, they have been exposed to the internet, to social networks, and to mobile systems.” They are digitally fluent and move easily between different sources of information online and between online and offline sources of information. They are individualists who believe that the truth will be found in dialogue. They don’t like labels, and they accept a wide range of diverse expressions of self. They’re not always fond of ownership, either: many of them will choose to get a vehicle from a car share instead of purchasing their own, for instance. This has implications for their insurance needs.


Building Trust With Generation Z 

What does this mean for insurance sales to this emerging generation? It means that you need to embrace individuality, fluidity, and uniqueness as well. For instance, you might choose to represent diverse families and diverse people on your website. You can show your support of community causes that support inclusivity – for instance, by supporting organizations that work on disability issues. The key to acceptance by Generation Z is for you to be as inclusive as possible, watching the language, the images, and the causes that you associate yourself with as a company. Many in Generation Z reject the idea of differentiation for a male and female audience, so in your branding, make sure that you’re not only marketing to one gender or you’ll potentially alienate this generation.

Gen Z wants to feel like it knows the people behind the advertising. According to Rev Local, “Gen-Zers want to see real, relatable people in marketing campaigns. The people in your ads need to share the same struggles or have the same beliefs as your Generation Z audience.” If you’re creating a video about insurance, consider choosing regular people rather than actors, and choose people who can talk about their own experiences and relate personally to your Gen Z audience.


How to Sell Insurance to Generation Z

Generation Z is deeply appreciative of dialogue, whether this takes place online, offline, or in many different forums. As you work on your insurance marketing for this generation, think of it as a dialogue as well. How can you contribute to conversations around health and safety? How can you invite Generation Z into these conversations?

This generation also grew up with masses of information at its fingertips. They consider themselves self-taught learners and don’t only rely on corporations and institutions to tell them what to think about products. This means that your insurance company needs to become part of that stream of information. By creating Youtube video content, Snapchat videos, and Instagram posts, you’re more likely to reach Generation Z effectively. Generation Z also expects this kind of content and assistance to be available 24/7, and your job in insurance marketing is to create those avenues for ongoing communication at different hours of the day.

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