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How’s Your LinkedIn Etiquette?

LinkedIn is a social media website with a focus on making connections dealing with your career—no matter what that may be. It is a rapidly growing site with an enormous user base, many of which are quite active on a regular basis. As of early 2015, LinkedIn boasts 347 million members, from all around the world. With numbers like this, it only makes sense that more and more insurance professionals, like you and your associates, are becoming involved with LinkedIn. For the best results, it is important to treat the site as a professional environment. Before you log in again, keep in mind these useful tips for LinkedIn etiquette.


It is Not a Popularity Contest

Trying to build your connection numbers by requesting hundreds of “connections” blindly is not a good idea. Not only will you wind up with essentially useless connections, but also you will likely only annoy yourself and those with whom you try to connect. Instead, work on cultivating genuine professional relationships with those you know and trust.


Do Not Be Afraid to Reach Out

On the other hand, it is possible to make new connections with the platform too. However, do not just send that “connection request”. Reach out, communicate and make a legitimate effort to connect. The results will amaze you.


Build Your Profile

Spend time filling out your profile with up-to-date information, a professional photo or headshot links to your website and other relevant information. When you have a filled-out, professional profile, you will appear more approachable.


Check Out the Privacy Settings

The site is full of privacy options that can make it easy to share only the information you want to—with those with whom you want to share it. By carefully navigating the privacy settings, you can avoid uncomfortable situations and prevent sensitive information from becoming public.


Stay Active

Once you have your dream job, it can be tempting to let LinkedIn slip away and forget about your profile. This is a big mistake. Stay in touch with industry professionals, follow what is happening in the forums or publish an article on the site to build credibility and remain in contact with what is going on outside your company. The most important thing to remember when getting involved on LinkedIn is that the site is just one of many tools available in your quest to make connections within the insurance industry. Get involved, but do not worry too much if you are slow to build a profile or selection of connections that rivals some of the top users—Rome wasn’t built in a day. Use the site regularly and naturally to achieve the results you desire!

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