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10 Customer Service Tips to Improve Client Retention

How well does your agency do customer service? Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference and improve client retention.  During your day-to-day client interactions, you’ll want to incorporate these 10 customer service tips to improve insurance client retention.


1. Follow Through

Did you tell a client that you’d email him or her a new quote or call at a certain time? Follow through. When you keep your word, you build a loyal client base. Use a calendar on your phone, sticky notes, a dry erase calendar or whatever organizational tool works for you as you follow through with your clients.


2. Accept Responsibility

Maybe you didn’t lose the paperwork or send an incorrect bill, but accept responsibility anyway. That empowers you to offer help, and clients will appreciate that you took time to listen.


3. Answer the Phone With a Real Person

An automated answering service frees up your agents for face-to-face customer service, and it might save you money. It’s not client-friendly, though. Make an effort to have a real person answer each phone call and assist the caller in finding the right agent or department.


4. Entertain the Kids

What’s your current strategy when clients bring their children to appointments? Provide a small table, child-sized chairs, coloring books and crayons to keep kids entertained. Also, go the extra mile when you stock individual snack packs, juice boxes, diapers and wet wipes.


5. Thank Clients For Referrals

When clients refer friends to your agency, they’re giving you a vote of confidence. Send a thank you note even if the referral doesn’t buy a policy and show your clients know that you care about more than how much money they can make you.


6. Ask For Improvement Suggestions

A suggestion box isn’t something to fear. It gives your clients an opportunity to invest in your agency. Even if you don’t act on every recommendation, your clients will appreciate the opportunity to be heard.


7. Call For No Reason

Do you currently call your clients only when there’s a problem or during renewal season? Try calling for no reason. Say hello, thank you or “we appreciate you.”


8. Remember Your Clients’ Names

Everyone likes to be called by name, including your clients, so call them by name. For extra credit, remember the names of your clients’ children, and learn to pronounce difficult names correctly.


9. Offer Drinks

Coffee, tea, water and lemonade taste good, and they help your clients relax when they visit you in the office. Stock drinks as a small token to show that you care.


10. Speak Positively About Everyone

When another insurance agency, client or anyone comes up in conversation, stay positive. Negative words create a bad impression and cause your clients to question your kindness and loyalty. Are you doing these 10 helpful actions? Customer service is often found in the details, so consider implementing one or all of them today as you focus on client retention and satisfaction.

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