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In Loving Memory of Chris LeJeune, a Selfless HawkSoft Team Member

Chris LeJeune

It is with extreme sadness and pain that I must share this news. Our HawkSoft Family suffered a terrible loss. Chris LeJeune has passed away. He was in the hospital with his wife, Tammy, when he passed.

Chris has been a pivotal member of the HawkSoft Family since 2005. He was a staple at nearly every industry event on the west coast. The American Agents Alliance annual conference was one of his favorite shows because it brought so many good friends together. Many of you know him. He was HawkSoft’s first salesperson that we hired from the outside. However, he is much, much more than that to me!

I have known Chris for over 20 years. As soon as we met, we were friends. He was prayed to HawkSoft as we discussed much required staffing needs. We needed someone on the ground in California. Chris was working for FSC at the time. Chris left an impression on us with how easy it was to build rapport with him. After one of the American Agents Alliance conferences, my team said that we needed to hire someone just like Chris. That weekend, my wife and I prayed that we could find someone like Chris to spearhead our sales efforts in California. Meanwhile, Chris went to his boss and turned in his resignation. His boss asked if he was leaving to go to HawkSoft, and Chris said he hoped so because, in his words, “if I can’t beat them, I might as well join them!” His boss told him that if he was Chris, that’s exactly what he would do. Chris called me shortly thereafter, and the rest is history.

This week, the entire HawkSoft Family is in mourning. Our prayers go out to his family. Chris was a primary driver of the selfless, consultative culture our sales team continues to live by. We build relationships and leave the selling as a byproduct. If there is a match between what we have to offer and what the agency is looking for, we are grateful for the opportunity. If not, we have earned a relationship with a friend. It is this way because of Chris, who is always willing to help and support his team members.

Words cannot express the depth of my feeling of loss for my wonderful friend. May the Lord’s choicest blessing be upon his family at this tender time.

Paul Hawkins, CEO


Personal Condolences & Support

If you wish to mail a card or other condolences, please send them to HawkSoft’s main office address.
We will forward them to the LeJeune family, who wish to maintain their privacy and personal space during this difficult time.

HawkSoft has started a donation fund for Chris that will either be given to the charity of the LeJeune Family’s choice or to create a scholarship fund for the grandson who Chris had recently adopted.

If you would like to donate, please mail a check to HawkSoft’s main office address with LeJeune Charity in the memo line. Your contribution will be deposited in the donation fund.

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