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Incorporating Your Company’s Culture into Your Marketing Strategy

No matter what the industry, most businesses have established some type of company culture. As the owner of an insurance agency, you should make sure your culture reflects the values and respect you have for your community. However, how does this relate to your insurance marketing strategy? The main purpose of having a positive office environment is to please your employees and keep them productive. This relates to your marketing plan because the goal is to please your customers. Therefore, you should be very clear about your culture and continue to build and improve it. This can happen by hiring people who naturally fit in with your agency, creating a social, open environment. Then, going public about your culture can help clients feel more welcome to participate and share in it with others.

Here are some other tips to incorporate your beliefs and expectations for your culture into your brand:

  • Since your agency is founded on trust, the same should go for your marketing strategy. By humanizing your content and social accounts, you can match your values all around.
  • Become social in your sales and consulting methods in order to connect more with the community, ultimately expanding your reach to help your business grow.
  • Have faith in your employees to have a voice and solve problems when they arise. This way, they can effectively communicate through different digital mediums and help your agency come alive.
  • Provide quality leadership to the organization so your employees can follow a reliable, trustworthy example.
  • Create a compelling vision for your future so you can help clarify your values and goals for both your culture and marketing strategy. Evaluating the big picture as opposed to what is happening at the moment can help you establish a direction. In addition, you can continue to alter your company’s culture based on the needs of your employees and customers. This way, you can continue to pursue your passion as well as serve your community efficiently and effectively from the heart!


About the Author: Gillman Insurance was established in 1993 with the idea that insurance doesn’t have to be a frustrating, complicated and expensive process for the consumer. The agency is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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