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Increase Agency Morale Motivate Your Employees During the Holiday Season

As a business owner, you may begin to see a pattern over the years. Your employees will be hard at work and focused year-round until November and December arrive. Many times, the holiday season will take its toll on employees. Between buying gifts and preparing for holiday parties, work may be the last thing on your workers’ minds. However, all great business owners know that it is crucial to continue to motivate your employees during this hectic time of year.

As your reliable Indiana insurance company, we have a few pieces of advice to offer! There are always ways to keep your employees in high spirits during the holiday season.


Hold employee reviews.

A great way to keep your employee working hard is to conduct annual reviews in December or even January. By doing so, your employees will continue their hard work knowing that their review is on its way. Also, a possible new title and pay increase is a great motivator.


Celebrate successes of the year.

Gather all your employees together to celebrate the year’s success stories and accomplishments. This is a great time to motivate your workers with an inspirational and heartfelt speech.


Propose business plans for New Year.

Your employees enjoy being in the loop of things. Make sure you keep them up to date by talking about new business plans and changes for the New Year. This is sure to keep them feeling recognized and appreciated.


Consider offering a half-day.

Chances are, many of your employees are crunched on time to get their holiday shopping and errands done. By offering a half-day, you are showing your workers that you care about their personal lives, too.


Decorate the office.

Show your employees that you encourage holiday cheer by decorating the office. Put up a tree, wreath, Menorah, lights or any other festive pieces that will bring some holiday cheer to the office.


Create an enjoyable holiday atmosphere.

Contests, charities, Yankee swap, donations, holiday music… anything goes! All of these ideas recognize the fact that it is the holiday season; a great way to lift your employee’s spirits.


Host a company holiday party.

There is nothing better than getting together outside of work. This is a great way to get to know your employees on a personal level.


Give holiday bonuses.

Last but not least, a holiday bonus. This is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate their time, efforts, and dedication to the company. If you can incorporate these tips into your leadership strategy, you are sure to see a change in your employees’ holiday cheer.


Good luck, happy motivating, and Happy Holidays!


About the Author: Mark A. Bates, CIC, CSRM, AAI is the President of Pinnacle Insurance Group. With nearly 70 years of experience serving the Indiana and Illinois community, Pinnacle Insurance Group specializes in developing insurance and risk management programs specific to the needs of their personal and commercial insurance clients.

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