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Increase Client Retention Through Customer Service

How can you increase client retention? That’s the perennial question that businesses ask: existing clients are like gold. You know them, they know you, and they will come back again and again. How do you ensure that you don’t scare them away? Exceptional customer service is one part of your client retention strategy.


Hire, Train, and Retain Employees Who Can Bring Customer Service to the Forefront 

Do you want to prioritize client retention? Hire and train your employees to bring forward strong customer service. According to Joe Cecere in NGData, “Passionate, engaged employees can deliver personal customer experiences that create customer loyalty.” Make sure that your employees are inspired by your organization’s mission and committed to the goals of your business. This will help them become even better at customer service.

In addition to being committed to your business, your employees should be committed to your customers as individuals. Every customer is unique, and your employees need to customize the information, service, and care that they give to each person. According to Filiberto Amati, “Making an effort to relate to your clients/customers on a personal level is often the difference between a sustainable business and one that’s here today, gone tomorrow.”


Respect Your Employees 

How is employee respect connected to customer retention? If you give respect to your employees, they will reflect this respect in the care that they give to your customers.  Employees who feel like their skills are honored and valued will be happier at work, and employees who are happier at work give better customer service. They seek to make your customers happy as well.


Focus on the Client Experience 

How easy is it for someone to be one of your insurance clients? Ask your customers what they are looking for in an insurance agency and strive to provide this. For instance, if they are looking for online options for insurance, see how you can provide that. If they have unique needs and are looking for an insurer who knows their specific insurance needs and can easily recommend other products, make sure that your customer service employees have the ability to manage these needs. Customers don’t want to encounter difficulties as they look for insurance or try to renew. Make this process easy.


Make a Strong First Impression 

When your customers first interact with you, send them a big welcome to help establish a personalized relationship with you. Don’t make this cut and paste – reach out in an authentic, individualized manner to your new customers and ask them how they found you and what they need, so that you can begin to develop a relationship that will draw them back to you time and time again.


Get Your Customers Involved 

If you’re lacking in a specific area, make sure that you get your customers involved so that you can make that specific part of your business better. Ask them for their advice to your business based on their needs, their client experience, and the specific customer service that they’ve received. Your customers can give you the information that will help your insurance business grow.

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