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Increase Your Fun, Increase Your Workplace Productivity

When you were considering different insurance agent careers, you considered the impact of your work. You thought about the skills that you'd bring to the job. Did you think about the fun you could have at work? A fun workplace is a more productive workplace. Here's how you can make your agency a more engaging place to work.

Celebrate People

Whether it's a birthday, a new baby, or a really great golf game, add personal celebration into your office environment. Have a pizza party or create a giant card. When your employees feel like you appreciate the work they do and the people they are, they'll work harder and feel more secure about innovating in the workplace.

Create a Fun Plan

Can you schedule fun? It's best to do so, or it can fall by the wayside entirely. A plan also helps your employees move toward their goals and have fun at the same time. They look forward to your weekly ice cream lunch or weekend family event, yet they also feel like social events aren't intruding on the work that they need to get done right now.

Take Time to Relax

People who are stressed out have a hard time having fun. Incorporate breaks into your work day and encourage employees to take them too. Push people to take their annual vacation, and start a walking club, stretch class, or garden at your agency. Add conscious breaks and you'll find that people relax and bring a more lighthearted approach to their work.

Be Approachable

What's the role of your insurance agency's management? Is it to push people to try harder? If your employees don't find you to be approachable and you're constantly making them feel like they're not doing enough, this will crush the fun right out of your business. Let employees know that you're there to help, to push them when necessary, and to help them use their creative ideas to help the company grow. This sets the tone for a creative, productive, and fun workplace.

Get Into the Community

Fun is something different: by getting out into the community with your employees, they'll connect with their customers in new ways. Participate in the high school bike-a-thon, bake pies for the community fair, or have your boss shave his head for a cancer fundraiser. Make connections within your community and become a stronger, more productive team.

Encourage Employees to Have Fun With Their Work

Fun and work can go together, and it's not just because they occur in the same building. Encourage your employees to pursue projects that excite them. While much of their day may be taken up connecting with clients or researching claims, give employees some discretionary time to innovate. Does your front desk administrator have a passion for graphic design? Give that person time to work on your new display for the community fair. Giving people time to do creative works helps them merge work and fun.

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