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Infinity Technology Expo & User Conference

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Though it is not mandatory, we highly encourage all producers who write or service Infinity business to attend. This meeting is designed for our most loyal users and their team members. We also have some openings at these meetings for those agents who have not fully embraced Infinity in their business, but have interest in doing so. Early Bird Special (9:00 AM – 10:00 AM) – The early bird gets the…bait?

The Main Event (10:00 AM – 12:00 PM) – What You Will Learn – Here’s the Hook!

  • Infinity Mobile Apps
  • Creating an Excellent Customer Experience
  • The New
  • Real Time Rating
  • MyChoice Rating Platform
  • Recent/Relevant Technology Findings and Implications
  • Infinity’s Technology Investments
  • State of the Union Address – Infinity Financial Update
  • Implementation Road Map

Click a meeting city below to learn more details: Oct 21, 2014 Ontario/Pomona Area Oct 22, 2014 Los Angeles Oct 23, 2014 Cerritos Oct 28, 2014 San Diego Oct 29, 2014 Orange County/Santa Ana Oct 30, 2014 Torrance/South Bay

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