Input 1 Payments

The NO COST digital payment platform

Collecting Digital Payments Shouldn't Cost You Money!

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper checks, clunky payment systems, and vendors that charge you to collect money from your customers. With our exclusive partnership with Input 1 Payments, your agency can provide the user experience and security you and your customers expect – at NO COST TO YOUR AGENCY!  

Want more? 

Depending on your annual payment transaction volume, the American Agents Alliance can also waive some or all of your annual membership fee by simply using this service that’s free to you! 

  • Modern and simple-to-use payment platform that can be used as a stand-alone platform or easily integrated with your website
  • Automated payment reconciliation reports
  • PCI Compliant Solution – A secure platform that keeps data off your network

Deliver a better customer service with Input 1 Payments.

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Contact Chris Farfaras, Executive Vice President & CSMO
(888) 882-2554 x2135 //

Member Benefit

  • No implementation fees 
  • No monthly fees
  • No per payment transaction fee for your agency
  • Reimbursement of up to $300 annually towards an agent’s membership fee, based on the total credit card volume placed over the course of a calendar year.
    • $50,000 in CC volume in a 12 month period of time = up to $150 reimbursement
    • $100,000 in CC volume in a 12 month period of time = up to $300 reimbursement

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E&O Insurance for Insurance Agents

  • A-rated & admitted carrier
  • Special rates for new agents – as low as $650
  • No fee monthly payment plans
  • Cyber liability extension included
  • Affordable premiums
  • First dollar defense; deductible applies to damages only
  • And much more!

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