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Insurance Ads: Creating a Google Ad That Works

Google ads: should you invest, or are they a waste of your time and budget? When you're thinking of creating Google insurance ads, you need to know how to develop them to have the strongest impact on your audience. These tips will help you create Google ads that strengthen your online insurance marketing.

What Is a Google Ad? 

Google advertising is a pay-per-click platform for marketing.  According to WordStream , "Google offers advertisements which appear in search results on with the use of Google AdWords or advertisements that appear on other websites through the Display Network and Google’s AdSense program." Sponsored ads appear at the top of the search page before people see the organic search results. 

Writing the Best Google Ads for Insurance Marketing 

How can you write the best Google ads when you're trying to get more people to connect with your insurance business? 

  • First, look at the keywords that people are using to find your websites . Create informative ad copy that targets those keywords and shows how your products will specifically address the customer needs that are articulated in those keywords.

  • Create a sense of scarcity or time limitation by having an ad that focuses on a current sale or deal. 

  • Focus on your customer's needs . If you know that your customers often have very limited time, mention how fast your service is when you create your ad. 

  • Empathize with your leads . Talk about what they want. Show them how your company can help them achieve their goals. An ad is not about how great your business or your product is; ultimately, it's about your customers.

  • Think of what makes your business different, and both define and promote that in your ad. For instance, if you specialize in working with seniors who need auto insurance renewals, mention this. 

  • Insert some personality into your ad . PPC advertising can be very boring. If you are able to add humor or another personal sort of appeal into your ad, you're ahead of the game.

  • Consider adding a twist into your ad . Treat it as a tiny writing assignment and see whether you can pair information and some quirkiness. People will remember your ad better if it's not just informative, but fun as well.

Testing Your Ad  

Testing out different versions of your ad allows you to commit only to the ones that actually work. How do you test your ad? 

You don't need to commit to a single ad. You can create multiple copies of the same ad, changing the wording or focus slightly. This allows you to test and see which ad is truly the best. 

Change the wording in the ads to see what works. Change the ad headline as well. Always make a note about what you are testing in that ad so that you can see how it stands up to other similar ads that you are running.

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