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Insurance Ads on Social Media: Do They Work?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: insurance marketing on social media isn't new. However, you may be new to advertising through these social media venues. As you consider how to sell insurance, are insurance ads on social media the way to go? Do they yield results, or are they a waste of time and budget? 

What Is a Social Media Ad? 

While some of your traffic on social media might occur due to your amazing, viral posts, the fact is that Facebook and other social media venues need to make money, and advertising revenues are one way for them to do this. According to Hubspot, "if you've been managing a Facebook Business Page over the past few years, you've likely noticed a drop in how many of your fans have been viewing and interacting with the organic posts you publish to that page." To counteract this drop in reach, more and more agencies are turning to paid ad content, boosting posts so that they end up in front of the right audience.

How to Sell Insurance on Social Media 

If you choose to run an ad, how can you make sure that it will be successful? 

  • Make your offer really, really clear. You don't have a lot of ad space to convince people to take action Your offer must be simple and easy to understand.

  • Make sure that you use language such as "you" rather than "people." Social media asks should be personal.

  • Focus on a quote. Get other people to talk about how wonderful your business is. Neil Patel suggests featuring customer testimonials.

  • Use images that look like they are homegrown, rather than stock footage. This gives a more personal feeling to the ad. 

  • Use parallel structures on your landing page and Facebook ad. This creates a seamless experience for the person who clicks on the ad.

  • Create a short-term offer in your ad. This creates a sense of urgency.

  • Make sure that your ad images are relevant to your readers. They can feature local images if your ad focuses on local insurance needs, for example. 

Tweaking Your Ads for the Better 

Once you have the best possible social media ad, how can you try to ensure that it succeeds? 

  • Focus advertising on a specific time of the day. Don't run it at times when your target audience is busy.

  • Connect with thought leaders and community members who are able to promote and share your ad on their own pages.

  • If your ad is not performing, try a different image rather than saying goodbye altogether. Consider testing ads with different images at the outset, then choose the image that most appeals to people. You can do the same thing with the colors within the ad. Graphic design choices have a big impact on people, even if it is a subconscious one. 

  • Change the location of your ad on the Facebook page for maximum effect. You can choose from the newsfeed, right-hand column, or mobile ads. 

  • Change your Facebook settings to exclude people who have already converted due to the ad. You don't need to target them anymore, at least not with this specific ad. 

  • Consider targeting friends of your fans. They often share attributes with your current audience.

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