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Is Kindness the Key to Better Insurance Marketing?

Is kindness really an insurance marketing strategy? Believe it or not, bringing more humanity to business can shift the way people see your company. Empathizing with your clients and being compassionate to others can be a strong way to build your business reputation in your community.

Kindness Can Be Your Brand 

As you consider your brand image in your insurance marketing plans, consider how you want your clients to perceive you. Are you strong? Is your business a community leader? Are you a business that knows a lot about a specific area, so much that other agencies turn to you or acknowledge you as a leader in that field? 

Your kindness could be what people talk about when they discuss your business. Participate in small, invisible acts of kindness such as helping an individual client, and participate in large ones, such as helping out in the community after a natural disaster. Word of mouth will spread, and people will get to know you as a kinder insurance company. 

Kindness Leads to Better Customer Service 

Companies that focus on kindness often provide better customer service, because they're focused on others' needs and on understanding rather than being solely focused on the bottom line. According to Neil Patel, "81% of companies who provide great customer experiences and customer satisfaction do much better than their competitors." 

For instance, if your client is in a panic because he forgot to insure the car and needs to get out the airport to pick up family, acting quickly to process the car insurance can be an act of kindness. Showing understanding for peoples' personal circumstances makes your business stand out from the crowd. You should celebrate those employees who are kindness ambassadors for your company and train your staff to "listen and be understanding of your customers’ needs," according to Customer Think

Get Involved in the Community 

Part of being empathetic, compassionate, and kind is getting involved in your community. You might not be personally connected to the high school soccer team, but if you pitch in for the team's uniforms, the players on the team with thank you. So will their family and friends. When you become known for your good work in the community, this strengthens your reputation as a company that people want to go to, because you're known to be a helpful contributor rather than simply a company that markets insurance. 

Reduce Suspicion and Contribute to a Cause 

Millennials, in particular, are very suspicious of any overt advertising, and as you plan your marketing campaigns, it's important to be more subtle to reach out to this audience. One thing that Millennials do love is a company with a cause so that they can shop and support what they believe in at the same time. Choose a cause that exemplifies your commitment to the world, whether it's planting a tree for each new customer or building connections in your local community by contributing to the seniors' programs. This feels good to Millennials and allows them to contribute to something they believe in when they purchase their insurance.

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