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Is Now a Good Time to Create an Animated Website?

Designers may have time on their hands right now; is this the right opportunity to add animation to your website? 

During the COVID-19 crisis when more people are home and connecting online, it’s time to consider how your insurance agency presents itself to the world. Is this time a good one to create changes to your website? Adding animated features to your site can make it more engaging and attractive to prospective clients.

What Is an Animated Website? 

According to Custom Fit, animation “refers to anything that moves or transitions once the site or app has loaded.” It can be used to add visual interest to the page, to respond to customer queries, or to remind your clients that they need to complete an action on the website. If you have an envelope that automatically flies onto the screen after people send an email to your company, that is an animation.

The Benefits of Adding Animation to Your Website 

Animation can be very beneficial to your website. It can act as a prompt to action, increasing lead conversion or reminding clients to complete their activities. Animation can also direct your clients’ eyes to the information that you want them to see. It can also be a source of personality on your website, acting as another opportunity to brand yourself in a certain way.

According to Animated Video, adding a talking head or other video content to your site can give you an opportunity to speak to your leads in a new way, and you can develop an “interactive video with animation and have your characters “act out” your script to increase engagement.”

However, animation needs to be done tastefully and in the context of everything else that is on your website. You don’t want images flying this way and that, as it makes your website look too busy, distracting, and dated.  It is essential to work with a web designer who understands the benefits and potential pitfalls of animation.

The Benefits of Working on Your Insurance Website During COVID-19 

For insurance agencies that don’t feel particularly overwhelmed right now, this can be a time to reflect on how you’d like to build and market your insurance brand. Depending on your circumstances, you may have some time to consider directions for your agency, and enhanced website communication could be part of this communication plan.

With more people home right now, more people are looking online for resources, so a better insurance website could yield additional clients now and in the future. Those who work on websites as full time or freelance consultants may not have work right now, so if you have the means to do so, this is an excellent time to connect and to create a website that will move your business forward.

work effectively with a designer
Make sure that you have the time and resources to work effectively with a designer.

Make sure that you have the time and resources to work effectively with a designer.

Make Sure That You Have the Resources to Change Your Website 

Making changes to your website can make a significant impact on your clients and your website conversions. However, since these changes are so important, if you’re thinking of taking on a website renovation, make sure that you have the right resources to do so. In addition to having the financial resources to take on website changes, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a strong sense of your agency’s branding that has been developed over time, and are you able to articulate this to your web designer?
  • Is your team set up to provide feedback on the adjustments to your website?
  • Are you able to spend the time to generate suggestions for your web designer, or are you operating in “emergency mode” because your clients have more questions and your employees are working from home?

Before you make the decision to make changes to your website, ensure that these will be well-resourced changes. The way that you present your business to the community is important, and so you need to have the time to think about your website and work with a web design professional to put your best face forward.

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