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Is Your Agency Guest Blogging

Blogging for your own company blog can be tough as an agency. I know this because our agency is busy enough! However, we have finally gotten used to doing so and it does positively affect our Internet marketing efforts. Now, are you ready to take blogging a step further? Let’s talk about guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a way for your agency to write posts, full of great content and links back to your website, and post the article on ANOTHER blog (whether a partner, local business, or even a news organization).

Here are three reasons why your agency should be guest blogging:

  1. Guest blogging is a way to build your agency’s reputation. Are your agent's experts in specific areas? Show that in a blog post! It is a way to build your agency’s credibility. If you start writing great guest posts on another blog, another business or association may reach out to have you guest post on THEIRS, too.

  2. Guest blogging allows your agency to build relationships and connections within the industry. It is a chance to network with other professionals in the insurance industry. You can learn from each other along the way, as well.

  3. Guest blogging may help you to receive high-quality traffic to your website. With a whole new audience to reach, you may notice an increase in visitors and possibly sales!

Now that you are aware of guest blogging benefits, it is time to go out and seek a place to guest blog! How do you do this? It comes down to a networking game. Are you friendly with a local business that has a company blog? You can offer a “swap,” meaning they write a post for your blog and you write one for theirs. Are you associated with an insurance organization or group that you could offer your guest blogging services to? You may be able to work out a deal. Once you find a place to guest blog, you may be able to do so once or twice a month—or more! The better and more insightful your posts are, the better. In the end, your agency will not only improve its overall reputation and image but its online traffic.

Charlie Downey is the President at Downey Insurance Agency and has over 25 years experience in the insurance industry. After more than 70 years at its Massachusetts location, Downey expanded and opened offices in New Hampshire and Vermont. They are dedicated to serving the coverage needs of individuals, families and business all across New England.

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