It’s the Small Things: What You Should Focus On In Your Customer Service

As your insurance agency grows, you hope that your client base will spread the word about your business, leading to new prospects to help you expand even more. Getting this word of mouth advertising depends very much on the way that you treat your current clients. If they’re satisfied customers, they’ll speak well about your agency.

When it comes to customer service, it’s often the small details that matter most. What are these meaningful details, and how can you bring them to your business?


Listen to Your Clients 

When you pick up the phone, are you more interested in telling prospects about your product than listening to their needs? A little bit of listening can go a long way in helping you define what those prospects need from your business. The same goes for existing clients. Someone who’s unhappy or who has questions needs you to listen first so that you can mutually determine the best products for them.


Make Transactions Easy 

Your clients don’t mind getting to know you, but what they really want is insurance. You should focus your energy on making it as easy as possible for them to get it or renew it. Whether this is adding additional renewal options online or investing in alternative communication methods such as texting with your clients, when you make the whole experience simpler, your clients will thank you.


Acknowledge Your Clients 

Your clients like to feel like individuals, not just a small cog in the big wheel that is your insurance agency. Take notes on their preferences and their family situation so that you can reference this when you talk with them next. Build an authentic relationship with your clients, and you’ll be rewarded with real enthusiasm for your business.


Admit Your Mistakes 

Did you do something wrong? Make sure that you admit your mistakes to your clients and apologize for the inconvenience. If you sound defensive or pretend that the mistakes never happened, you’ll undermine the trust that your clients have in your insurance agency.

According to NG Data, you shouldn’t wait for your clients to call you out on your mistakes either. If you “welcome and ask for constructive feedback,” your customers know that you value their input and voice. You can also ask for feedback to move your organization in new directions, asking clients what they need from your agency rather than asking them to critique what is already there.


Be Helpful, But Not Overly Enthusiastic 

Your clients want to know that you have the expertise necessary to handle their insurance issues. However, they also don’t want to be inundated with this expertise in their inbox every single day. Get to know your insurance clients’ needs and how often they would like to receive communication from you. Be an expert on the topics that interest them, but not to the point of annoying them with that constant inflow of information.

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