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Keep Clients Coming Back for More with Fresh Content

As the owner of Alaska insurance agency, Pippel Insurance, I believe that it is important to share good advice with others in the field.

As a local insurance agency, it can be frustrating and exhausting trying to “outdo” the big guys in the industry but that does not mean it is impossible. Our agency has found that taking control of our site, blog and social media pages has helped us come out on top. The content that your agency showcases can make or break your credibility, too. When I use the word content, I do not only mean blogging. Content can be anything, from posting a new blog to tweeting on Twitter.

Here are just a few places where you could and SHOULD be generating unique, high-quality, shareable content:

#1: The company blog. This is a great place for your agency to share money saving tips, company news, holiday recipes, local news, tips, tricks, photos and much more. Your blog should be used as a creative domain. Yes, it is essential to share knowledge about policies and insurance options, but it is also a great place to have some fun and show clients exactly who you are as a company.

#2: Press releases. Whether you have recently held a successful charity drive or you have big company news to announce, a press release will get the job done. By showcasing big wins, you may end up “winning” over a few new clients, too. Press releases are a great way to gain exposure.

#3: Guest posts on other blogs. Do you follow any other insurance blogs or agencies? Perhaps you can work out a deal to “guest post” on their blog and vice versa. This is a great way to showcase your expertise on another site besides your own in hopes that you can reach a larger and diverse set of potential clients. Guest posting can be very beneficial and a great way to network!

#4: Social media. Yes, your posts on Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn count as content. It is important to make sure your posts are both engaging and informative in order to get a good response from followers. Take this time to ask questions, seek opinions and share company news, too. Taking an hour or so each week to create unique content to post will work in your favor. Not only will it keep your website and social media pages up to date and fresh, but it will keep clients and potential clients coming back for more. Build your brand by building your online voice. Our agency did!

About the Author: Pippel Insurance is an Alaska-based insurance agency specializing in business, home, auto, and life insurance. The agency is licensed in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, North Dakota, Colorado, Texas, and Idaho.

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