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Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Business

The benefits and best practices for using Facebook and Twitter are widely known and commonly a topic for bloggers and marketing professionals alike. However, the less talked about social networking site, LinkedIn, also has some major benefits.

LinkedIn is the ultimate online resource for professionals and if used properly, can yield some great results for your business.

Here are a number of different ways you can leverage LinkedIn:

  1. Stay Top of Mind- By posting on LinkedIn at least once a day and having that post appear on your company Facebook and Twitter page, you are more likely to be remembered by your customers, connections, friends, and followers.
  2. Finding New Hires- Posting that you are hiring on LinkedIn will help you spread the word about the position you are looking to fill. LinkedIn also provides you with access to candidates’ profiles and virtually, their resume. Active users on the site update their employment, education, and personal information regularly providing you with up-to-date information on their experience, qualifications and even recommendations.
  3. Promote your Events- If you are holding an event, LinkedIn is a great way to increase awareness and include links to your company page. By creating a group for your event on LinkedIn, you are making it easier for those who attend to connect with you and one another before and after the get-together.
  4. Advertising your business- You can also advertise your event or your business on LinkedIn. There are fewer options when advertising on LinkedIn as opposed to Facebook, but you can still reach a target audience and LinkedIn provides you with a quality score for your ad. LinkedIn may not be the overall most popular networking site, but it has grown immensely over the years and become an invaluable tool for business owners, employees and job seekers.

It gives you the opportunity to bring your networking to an entirely new level and increase your business prospects in a way that just wouldn’t be possible without its help.


About the Author: Matthew Welch is the Agency Principal at The Welch Group in New Port Richey, Florida. The Welch Group was recently featured in Rough Notes magazine as the Astonish e-Marketing Agency of the Month for February 2012. Matthew’s specialties include Florida business insurance, business insurance consulting, personal insurance/consulting and pension plans.

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