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Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Term Insurance is often used as a cost effective way to replace income, repay debts and/or provide a legacy in the event of a premature death.  In addition to these great functions, there are certain term insurance products that can provide your clients with more comprehensive benefits while they are still alive.  Promoting these solutions will not only deliver additional value to your clients, but will also help differentiate you from the competition in what is largely a price driven marketplace.

For many clients, a major medical event (such as a heart attack, stroke or being diagnosed with cancer) can have devastating financial effects and leave their family unsure of how they will continue to make ends meet while paying for medical care.  Did you know that there are term insurance products which could be used as a source of income in the event that the insured were to experience one of these medical events?

With built in critical illness and chronic illness benefits, you can help your clients obtain coverage that will offer benefits while the insured is still alive.  There is even a product available with these living benefits that can accommodate non-medical underwriting for face amounts up to $249,999!

With the introduction of these living benefit features to the term insurance marketplace, you now have a simple sales concept that you can use to create new sales with prospects and existing clients alike.  How many of your clients would consider replacing their existing term coverage with a product that could pay benefits if they were to experience a major health event?   Do your insurance clients have the old term insurance? Do your clients have a life insurance policy with living benefits?

Contact us today for a copy of our Policy Review Kit and to learn more about the living benefit term solutions available in your state.  We can also open up your book of business to more life, annuity, long term care, and disability income sales with our turn-key marketing platform — Brightbox Expand.  Learn more at


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