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LinkedIn Creator Mode Benefits to Consider For Insurance Agents

Social media is an important tool in your marketing kit and it’s likely LinkedIn plays a significant role in your strategy. Have you switched your profile to creator mode yet? The many LinkedIn creator mode benefits could help you expand your reach and target new leads in different ways.

Read on to learn more about LinkedIn creator mode and how to use it as an agent or broker.


Insurance Agents Find Many LinkedIn Creator Mode Benefits

LinkedIn creator mode is a newer offering from the social media channel. It rolled out in 2021 and has slowly made its way to most LinkedIn members. Designed for businesses and individuals who share content often and have large networks of followers, creator mode is gaining popularity among content creators, influencers, and companies.

There are many LinkedIn creator mode benefits for agents and brokers to consider:

  • Your content and usual topics of discussion are more prominently displayed on your profile. In creator mode, LinkedIn members can select up to five hashtags to show on top of their profile to advertise the type of content they promote.


  • You can highlight the features and activity sections of your profile. In creator mode, your featured section and activity section are placed directly below your name and above the about section. Your featured section is a place for you to draw attention to significant posts you make — and in creator mode, it is front and center for people to see.


  • Other LinkedIn members can follow you in addition to connecting with you. An important aspect of LinkedIn creator mode is the introduction of followers. People who want to connect with you will also have the option to follow you, which lets them see your content in their news feed.


  • Your number of followers is shown on your profile page. When in creator mode, your followers show up on your profile page. This is a helpful indicator of your reach.


  • You can access analytics when in creator mode. A helpful benefit of creator mode is the ability to access metrics. Analyzing your social media reach is important — and LinkedIn gives you helpful tools to review your numbers.


One of the best parts of LinkedIn creator mode is the price — it is free to all LinkedIn members.


Tools Available With LinkedIn Creator Mode

If you are considering taking the plunge and jumping into creator mode, here’s a primer on the tools available to you when you’re in creator mode:


Video Content

You can go live on LinkedIn when in creator mode. You can use this feature for breaking news, trending content, or engaging with followers. You can also embed videos in your posts or articles or just post an image to attract more views.


Long-Form Content

Creators can post documents, short posts, and articles. You can strategically build your message by teasing it in short posts and then writing longer content to share in an article. If you have several documents about the same topic you want to share, you can post them together and LinkedIn will create a sleek carousel of your documents for viewers to see. This helps tell your story in a visual way.


Create Events

Creators can use the events part of LinkedIn creator mode to schedule live events. You could advertise your next speaking engagement, conference visit, or just the days when your office is open and available for drop-in visits. The create event feature lets you schedule a time to go live or to add an external event.


Publish a Newsletter

Creator mode has an option where members can create newsletters to send to their network. You can use this to educate your followers about your niche, share news about your agency, or find leads or recruits for job openings. With newsletters, you pick the cadence and LinkedIn members can subscribe. To start a newsletter, go to the article tab.


Review Analytics

The metrics LinkedIn offers through creator mode will help you decide where to focus your efforts. You can see how much engagement individual posts brought to your page and use that data to structure your future posts. If something is working well for you, keep at it!


Try LinkedIn Creator Mode Today

To try creator mode, log into your LinkedIn and go to your dashboard. You can easily toggle creator mode on and off in your dashboard. Give it a try and see how the many LinkedIn creator mode benefits can help you and your agency.

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