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Local Networking: An Independent Insurance Agent’s Best Friend

Are you a fan of local networking? Whether the word makes you cringe or you’re keen to jump into as many social events as possible, you are already networking and you may not even know it. Networking is about making connections. 

As an independent insurance agency, one of the most important insurance marketing efforts you can make is to focus on your local networking. Networking doesn’t need to feel fake: it’s far better if your insurance agency networking cultivates authentic connections.


Connect People

Do you want to create a strong insurance network in your community or in your chosen insurance niche? Get to know people and introduce them to others. For instance, if you don’t sell health insurance but your auto insurance customers are seeking a health insurance provider, introduce them to. According to Insurance Splash, “when you’re the person introducing two others you’ll naturally assume a position of power within that group of three.”


Support Community Groups

Helping others is an excellent way to solidify your reputation in the community as a whole and to become known as an organization that is willing and able to help. For example, you could sponsor the uniforms for a high school sports team. 

You don’t always need to make a large financial commitment to be supportive. If you have the time and space, you can host a food drive for a local food bank or provide some volunteer hours to help the community in an emergency. You can also create web content that provides advice to locals. An insurance agency should have a reputation as a helpful presence in the community. 

Be the organization that people respect and want to turn to when they need insurance products.


Develop Partnerships

A lot of networking can be mutually beneficial. According to QQ Solutions, “the number of referrals you get will grow as you continue to develop your business relationships within the community.”

If your insurance clients need insurance for their new home, they may also need someone to help stage or sell their old home.

If they need to make an insurance claim, they may also require an auto repair shop or a plumber.

Reach out to those respected professionals in your community and develop referral partnerships with them. This will allow you to give recommendations to your customers and will establish you as a single stop for important home and auto information.


Send Your Staff to Social Events

While not all networking happens at social events, some of it does. If you really don’t like social events, send your staff instead. You probably have at least one person who’s excited to meet new people anytime. You may have others who are listeners and can bring out the best in people. If you prefer to manage your business rather than market your business, that’s just fine: that’s why you have a team of talented staff.

Get connected to service clubs such as the Rotary and join others in service-based networking. Even better, talk with your staff about the organizations that they are in already, and connect with those organizations.


Bring Your Local Marketing Online

If you would prefer to market online, your local audience exists there as well. Connect with others who live locally and work in your field through LinkedIn, either by posting content or reaching out with messages. Follow up on online interactions with an invitation to come and connect in person as well.

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