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Make an Outstanding First Impression Online

"Hello, there. Nice to meet you!"

Are you making the best possible first impression on your insurance customers? When you're engaging in insurance marketing, you need to make sure that your online office is just as attractive as your brick and mortar office. Meet and exceed your customers' expectations from the start by enhancing your online first impressions.

Be Prompt

If you were arriving for a long-awaited first date, the last thing you'd want to do would be to leave your date standing in the cold waiting for you. That would set everything off on the wrong footing. Yet, that's what many websites do to their customers. If you don't have easily accessible contact information, or if your customers can't find your FAQs or your contact form, they don't know how to connect with you in a prompt and easy manner. Make it easy for them to find you and ask you questions by adding a strong FAQ, bots to automatically answer questions, an active social media presence, and by monitoring your email and phone accounts and replying to questions promptly.

Be Coordinated

Remember that first date? You show up, but you're rumpled, dirty, and disheveled. Yes, your stunning personality might win the day, but it's better to put forward a coordinated first impression. When you're developing or renewing a website, you want your customers to see you as a business that's well put together. Coordinated color schemes, logos, and design features give your customers a feeling of reassurance. Give web design responsibilities to a professional so that you can ensure that your website looks professional and well-coordinated.

Be Strong

Your customers want to know who you are as a company. If your online writing is weak or they can't really find the information they want, they won't get a good first impression of your company. Before you begin an insurance marketing campaign, consider what kind of voice and message you want to present to your customers.

Are you a community-oriented insurance company that values close interaction?

Are you focused on emergency preparedness, supporting the local search and rescue team as one of your corporate values?

Make sure that your website presents a strong message about who you are so that your customers get a sense of your business and your values from the start.

Be Engaging

Even the most well put-together website with a strong personality can get boring if it stays the same all of the time. How are you connecting with site visitors over and over again? Your website must have strong and vital blog content, webinars, ebooks, and other higher-value products, and a social media presence that's engaging and always adding to the conversation about insurance.

Always remember to add a call to action, inviting customers into your sales funnel. Show your sparkling personality and engage with your prospective customers online.

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