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Make Independent Insurance Agency Marketing Pop on Social Media

Do you run a small, independent insurance agency? Being a “mom and pop” operation is not a bad thing. Small companies can be well-connected to the community, and as a smaller organization, you can decide quickly and be versatile in the way that a much larger corporation could not. This agility can help you make your mark in the social media world as well.


Develop a Social Media Presence

Who are you on social media? As a smaller insurance agency, you have a distinct focus and feel to your business. Your culture must be part of your social media presence. Choose how you will respond to questions and what kinds of posts and photos you will share on social media. Give your online insurance marketing a tone that’s similar to your offline marketing, so you maintain a feel that makes your community feel welcome and secure.


Target Your Audience

As a small insurance agency, you can focus your efforts and develop a strong niche for your insurance business. If you are known as the place to go in your community for auto insurance or you are recognized for your welcoming attitude toward local seniors, keep these strengths as you move online. Determine who your target audiences are and what insurance products they buy, and create strategies to reach them online. If you are popular with young people buying their first vehicles and need auto insurance, develop a social media campaign that encourages them to show and share a photo of them enjoying their first vehicle. Consider how some or all of your target audiences use social media, but recognize that not everyone is online.


Get Visible and Encourage People to Talk About You

Remember when talking behind someone’s back was a bad thing? Today, someone is probably talking about the insurance business on social media. You want them to mention your company. Get visible in your community and encourage people to follow your business on social media. You can set up a table at the local fair, set up a seminar for locals wondering about medical insurance, or sponsor the high school’s fundraising event. Whatever community outreach you do, aim to increase your social media presence. If you sponsor the high school’s charity running event, create a hashtag for the event that encourages people to post photos of themselves on social media with that hashtag attached.


Listen and Learn

One of the ways that you become a better business is by listening to your customers. Do the same online. Watch for your name on social media sites, and respond to customers’ direct inquiries or comments on your posts. Be responsive and understanding, and use their feedback to change your business. As a smaller business, you can respond to customer needs and requests, and this can be a way to generate even more excitement about your insurance agency online and off.

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