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Make Sure That Your Branding Stays in Tune

Is your insurance marketing whistling a jaunty tune? Make sure that you don’t hit too many wrong notes. Singing the song of your insurance business is important and, and when it comes to branding you need to make sure that you don’t improvise too much or in the wrong direction.


Building Your Insurance Brand 

How often do you think about your insurance brand? You might if you’re working on an insurance marketing campaign, you’re heading off into the world of social media for the first time, or you’ve decided to implement a new blog and you’re considering your content strategy. At other times, your marketing might seem like it’s on autopilot. It’s all right to continue moving along in the same direction, but make sure that you’re still conscious of the overall direction of your brand as you do so, or you could run into trouble with your customers.


Brand Consistency Develops Trust 

Why is it so important to avoid dissonance when you’re building your insurance brand? Can’t a person make a mistake or two?

You can make mistakes, but depending on the type of mistake and the forum where you make it, that mistake could backfire on your business.

For example, Subway is known for its messages about eating healthy take out food. Unfortunately, in 2014, that message backfired when Subway decided to put a woman in a sexy Halloween costume in its ad. According to Adweek,  the message was “Bikini season may be over, but Subway wants to remind you that sexy Halloween costume season is still nigh.” This ad didn’t jive with Subway’s wholesome, empowering, “eat healthy” message, and it was pulled.

Your clients need to trust you and feel like they know what they’re getting. Moving substantially off point can jeopardize that brand trust.


Brand Consistency Lets People Know Who You Are

Would you like to communicate with your clients, even without speaking? You don’t need to develop mental telepathy. You just need to create colors and use language that

For instance, according to VenVeo, “Target consistently serves up light backgrounds (often white or gray) bold outfits, some white and red touches, and models looking straight into the camera.” When you look at a Target ad, you know it’s a Target ad, even though you don’t see the name.

By using language and visuals that are consistent, your insurance marketing can have the same result. You might not be as big as Target, but you can catch the eye of your local market.


Add New Harmonies to Your Insurance Marketing 

If you’re trying to do something new with your insurance marketing, how can you do this and stay true to your brand?

Spread the message in new markets. Take your existing branding and move it to your blog or to Facebook, tweaking it for those audiences. Make sure you have the same colors, images, and language, but communicate in a different venue.

Create a harmonious campaign. If your image is a family-oriented insurance business and you often focus on families with children, feature images of adult children caring for aging parents as well. You keep the focus on family, but you extend the message a little bit to make it new and relevant.

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