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Making a Good First Impression

We’ve all heard it many times before: Whether you’re talking about your personal life or your professional life, first impressions matter – a lot. Make a better impression at your next meeting with these simple tips:

  • Check your mood. Bad day at home or at the office? Particularly long commute? Put it behind you. Your mood is easily translated through your appearance and your tone of voice. Before meeting someone for the first time, take a few moments to relax so you can focus on your client.
  • Offer immediate recognition. Don’t wait for someone to greet you. If you’re already engaged in conversation with someone, provide a smile to let the other person know you’ve seen them and you’ll turn to them as soon as possible.
  • Make sure your greeting sounds sincere. If your response sounds canned or insincere to your ears, it’ll sound even more insincere to your clients. Practice greetings ahead of time to make sure you sound warm and friendly.
  • Don’t worry about the handshake. Many cultures don’t like to shake hands, and even in the U.S., some people find the process uncomfortable. The best approach: Wait for the client to make the first move and then follow suit.

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