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Making Your Message Stick in a World of Multimedia Multitasking

I screen, you screen, we all screen – on multiple screens. Generation Z and the Millennials are known to be screen-addicted, but how many screens are they addicted to, anyway? Millennials tend to be on 3 screens at a time, while “Generation Z tends to juggle 5 screens at once,” according to Forbes. What does this mean for your insurance agency marketing?


Marketing is Not a Straightforward Conversation 

Marketing used to be simple. Not so long ago, if you had a product and you wanted to tell people about that product, you created advertisements designed to focus on the attributes of the product and then on the attributes of the brand. This process would build brand loyalty to the business.

However, for younger generations, this focused conversation is a thing of the past. They’re focused on multiple screens at once: watching television, texting a friend, and looking at Facebook. How can you break through and build a conversation with them about insurance?


Create Value 

Why do we advertise, anyway? In part, it’s to tell customers about the value that we bring to their lives. Ads tell consumers that if they purchase your insurance products, they’ll be protected in the case of a disaster or accident.

Younger generations still want to hear about this value, even if they’re distracted by multiple screens. One of the keys to talking with them is to get back to value. “They want resources, channels and profiles that give them what they’re looking for, whether that is entertainment, knowledge or tutorials,” according to Forbes. Make sure that you’ve built your value and that it’s obvious to your customers, and focus more on being valuable in ways that younger generations appreciate, such as a Youtube tutorial about how to insure your first car. Instead of yelling into the void, focus on drawing people in with your irresistible value.


Get Real and Get to Work 

Generation Z is “…interested in participating in social activism and working for their success,” according to Adweek. If you want your message to stick, you need to be there along with them, working to achieve the goals that interest Generation Z. For instance, if you work to stop drunk driving by offering education to youth and collaborating with families who’ve experienced loss, then you become real in their eyes, and your mission is one that Generation Z can support. Choose what you believe in as an insurance agency, and through those beliefs made into real work, you will be able to connect with Generation Z.


Use the Power of Influencers 

How do you get people to pay attention to your insurance business? Yelling into the marketing void may not work for younger generations, but working with people will. Businesses are working with influencers who connect with Generation Z and the Millennials. If there’s an influential person who’s a minor celebrity and can promote your sponsorship of the local football team and safety education, then partnering with that person could help you break through to people who would otherwise not know that you exist. Generation Z will need insurance and the Millennials need it right now: however, they will trust your business more if a recommendation comes from someone that they trust, rather than through your own advertising.

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