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Manage Imposter Syndrome While Building Confidence as an Insurance Agent

Independent insurance agents and brokers need to be confident. They need to project trustworthiness and communicate their confidence in their message. But it can be hard to manage imposter syndrome while growing your confidence as an insurance agent.

Read on to learn about how to grow your confidence when first starting out as an independent insurance agent or broker — while also battling imposter syndrome.

Manage Imposter Syndrome While Building Confidence as an Insurance Agent

Customers need to trust their agent and rely on their advice. And while you may know what you are talking about, you must also share your message confidently. This is challenging for a new insurance agent or broker but is a necessary skill to learn.

Harvard Business Review defines imposter syndrome as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. If you have had these feelings before, you are not alone. Some estimates show over 80% of people have faced imposter syndrome, and it often strikes when you are new to a job or role. This means new independent insurance agents and brokers are likely to have these feelings when starting their careers.

While these feelings of inadequacy and doubt are normal, people can overcome them with these strategies. Try some of our tips to manage imposter syndrome while starting your insurance career:

Commit to being a lifelong learner.

Spending time educating yourself is one way to fight imposter syndrome. Especially when you are a new agent, there is a lot to learn. And when you don’t know the ins and outs of your job, sometimes that equates to self-doubt. But by continuing to learn new things, you can fight these feelings of inadequacy — and perform better in your role. As an added bonus, insurance agents and brokers must take continuing education hours every year to maintain their licenses so focusing on learning is a winning strategy.

Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes.

Try not to beat yourself up over errors you make. Instead, learn from your mistakes and move forward. Allow yourself the grace to make errors as you are learning your job. Sometimes people worry about making the wrong decision and they are unable to move forward and act. Allowing yourself time to understand where you went wrong, to learn what to do next time, and to see the outcomes of your decisions lets you learn and move forward. This type of learning experience is valuable for overcoming imposter syndrome.

Avoid perfectionism.

Overcoming imposter syndrome means acknowledging your mistakes, growing from them, and moving forward. It means trying new things to gain confidence, even if your first attempt fails. If you are too focused on getting everything right the first time you may struggle with taking action. People who are perfectionists may find it challenging to manage imposter syndrome without letting go of some control.

Talk with a mentor or manager.

Many people have faced their own feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. Talking about your feelings and struggles with a trusted mentor or manager can give you a new perspective and help you manage imposter syndrome. It helps knowing others have gone through similar challenges — and learning how they overcame it can teach you new strategies. Being vulnerable and sharing your feelings helps you work through them, as well.

Celebrate your successes.

Another way to manage imposter syndrome is by celebrating your successes. Share with colleagues, bosses, friends, and family. Write up a post celebrating your achievement for social media. Add your success to the company newsletter or internal chat. Sharing your wins reinforces your success to yourself. It allows you to focus on the things you do well and reminds you of your abilities. Not only does this feel good, but it also makes you want to continue doing well to have this feeling of success again and again.

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