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Marketing to the modern consumer: What works, what doesn’t

Anyone who has been in the insurance business for any length of time knows: the marketing strategies that worked in the past are no longer as effective.

Modern consumers are far more savvy. They have the ability to research rates from a number of brokers in a matter of minutes. We need to adapt with them. To compete, you need to win trust by providing value.

Create a website or newsletter, for instance, that shares information that can help your clients make informed decisions about their coverage.

Share regular health, safety or financial planning tips, depending on your agency’s specialty. By providing this assistance, you demonstrate your knowledge in your industry and gain credibility.

Effective modern marketing is also often a two-way street. Instead of taking a top down approach where you send out advertising and the client calls or doesn’t, make your marketing a conversation.

Engage with people on social media in a positive way. They will remember your interactions, which builds trust and eventually a rewarding relationship.

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