E&O Insurance for Insurance Agents

No insurance company or independent agency is immune to lawsuits. Even the best intentions and utmost professionalism can be met with dissatisfaction; and if a client feels wronged about a piece of advice or service you or your agent provided, the client is entitled to press charges against you, your agent, and your company.

Our Errors and Omissions Insurance for insurance agents and brokers is a type of professional liability insurance designed to protect your company and employees from the financial burden that comes with lawsuits. While E&O insurance is applicable to any professional that offers services to clients, the policy we offer at The American Agents Alliance is created by insurance agents for insurance agents.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Program Advantages:

The American Agents Alliance offers broad coverage for companies seeking Errors and Omissions Insurance for insurance agents. Clients are also entitled to benefits like competitive premiums and millions of dollars’ worth of liabilities cap. 

Below are the key features of our E&O Insurance Plan for property and casualty insurance agents:

  • "A" Rated, admitted carrier
  • Special rates for new agents - as low as $650
  • Cyber liability extension at no additional cost
  • Limited EPLI coverage available
  • Affordable premiums
  • Convenient monthly payment options
  • No aggregate program limit
  • No charge for support staff
  • Discount for agencies with 50% or more staff who maintain CIC designations

E&O Insurance Coverage

  • Cyber liability extension at no additional cost
  • Limited EPLI coverage available
  • First dollar defense; deductible applies to damages only
  • Defense costs outside the limit of liability – Subject to a cap of $1M
  • Limits up to $3M each claim / $5M aggregate each agency
  • Deductible waiver endorsement available after participating in program for 3 years

The policy covers court expenses and the court-ordered settlements that result from the cases (up to the maximum amount specified in the policy). The “errors and omissions” or charges that are covered by this insurance policy are as follows:

  • Mistakes and oversights that resulted in massive losses for the customer
  • Failure to deliver the services promised to the customer (the plaintiff), but were stated in the contract or insurance policy
  • Allegations of professional negligence
  • Breach of contract

Who Needs E&O Insurance?

Companies and professionals that offer services are the ones who’ll benefit from an Errors and Omissions insurance policy. Attorneys, wedding planners, stylists, PR managers, architects, and computer technicians can all be brought to court by customers who’re unhappy with their services. To ensure that they can afford to face the charges and protect their company from financial repercussions, they can file a claim on their E&O Insurance and receive additional funds for their litigation costs.

Insurance agents, investment managers, and financial advisors are just as vulnerable to lawsuits, if not more so. There are no guarantees that investments and financial products will be successful every single time. Even if clients are aware of the risks when they opt-in on investments and insurance policies, they might still feel slighted when things don’t happen in their favor.

This is why we offer companies and independent insurance agents E&O insurance protection. It is for their — and your — peace of mind. Receiving a lawsuit alone can give you immense stress and worry. You shouldn’t have to worry about money as well when you can have a sound solution right here, from the American Agents Alliance.

​How Much Does E&O Insurance Cost?

Already understand the necessity of an errors and omissions insurance policy, but you’re hesitant to get an umbrella policy for your company because of the cost? Don’t worry because the American Agents Alliance offers competitive prices for individual and corporate clients. New clients, for example, can take out an E&O insurance policy and pay premiums as low as $650.

The cost of E&O insurance, however, depends, on the number of agents working in your office. There are special rates for new agents and discounts for those with 50% more or staff with CIC designations.

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The American Agents Alliance Advantage: 

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Choose the American Agents Alliance as your provider of Errors and Omissions Insurance for your company and agents. With over 50 years of industry experience, we’re confident in the quality of the insurance products and services we offer to you.

Since 1962, the American Agents Alliance has been creating products and services to help independent agents thrive.  Our E&O insurance program was built BY insurance agents, FOR insurance agents.  Unlike many other E&O programs, there is no aggregate program limit in our E&O program.  It’s incredibly easy for you to quote and bind high quality, affordable and admitted E&O online in minutes.  We can even include your affordable member dues as part of the program’s convenient payment installment plan. 

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If you’re an independent property and casualty insurance agent, act now and get a no-obligation quote. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us about our E&O insurance program for P&C insurance agents. The earlier you call, the sooner we can protect your entire company from the financial blows of a class-action lawsuit.

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