Valuable Forms & Tools

The American Agents Alliance has assembled a set of the best templates to make your life easier.

  1. ​Employer Producer Agreement
  2. Account Profitability
  3. Income Statement Comparison
  4. Lifetime Value Retention
  5. Producer Goal Setting
  6. Writing One Account
  7. FAIR Plan Dwelling Fire Policy Disclosure
  8. Legal Memo: The Commission Salesperson
  9. Confidentiality/Non-Solicit Agreement
  10. Standard Broker Fee Disclosure
  11. Legal Memo: Commissioned Employees
  12. Broker Agreement
  13. Employment Law Workshop
  14. Commercial Broker Agreement
  15. CA HO Estimation Estimation Legal Memo
  16. Cancel Check Guarantee Form
  17. CA HO Estimation Estimation Regulations
  18. Privacy Disclosure Notice
  19. Auto Liability Coverage Only
  20. Promise-To-Provide Agreement
  21. Disclosure Form
  22. Disclosure of Broker Status
  23. Deferred Down Payment Agreement
  24. Legal Memo: Insurance Regulatory Issues
  25. MVR Compliance Manual — The MVR Compliance Manual will help you comply with the rules for obtaining and maintaining motor vehicle records. The guide will assist your agency to establish and maintain daily logs and source documents that track the receipt, use, and dissemination of DMV information.
  26. Regulatory Compliance Manual — The Regulatory Compliance Manual will help you comply with industry-related regulations, such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Written in conjunction with the law offices of Marone, Robinson, Frederick, and Foster, this manual will guide you on how to implement a step-by -step privacy compliance solution for your agency or brokerage.

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