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Mobile Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Smartphones have become many consumers' go-to electronic device. They are used constantly for quick references, reading email and Internet browsing on the go. Many users keep their phones at their side during the day and go to sleep with them nearby at night. Neglecting to use mobile channels and techniques to reach potential and current insurance clients is a mistake. However, before you jump into mobile marketing for your insurance agency, there are some important mobile marketing tips for insurance agents to consider.

Screen Size

Mobile phones have tiny screens. In order to market on a mobile phone, your ad needs to be able to show up well on a smartphone screen. While it is true that some people will see your marketing on larger mobile devices, it is best practice to use the smartphone as the preferred size when planning. You can view your ad in varying sizes on your computer screen to get a feel for how it will appear.

Mobile Responsiveness

Technology is available to make websites mobile responsive. Mobile-responsive websites adjust size and configuration for an array of differently sized device screens. The site will keep each element of the page in an easy-to-read size and in the order of the page with the main part of the page first, then the sidebar material. For most platforms, you can upgrade to mobile responsiveness relatively easily.

Focus on Images

Smartphones are great for sharing images and videos. The images and videos adjust quickly to the size of the phone and are shared among friends and acquaintances often. For marketing purposes, images and videos can go a long way towards evoking a reaction with mobile users.

Social Media Sharing

Discovering where your potential clients like to hang out online is a good way to interact with them. Most social media sites have their own apps for quick sharing of news and images. You can use a social media site and develop a group of clients and prospects to share local news and issues that will spark conversation within your community.

Creating Your Own App

You can create your own mobile app to generate business if you have some technical knowledge, or you can find out if your agency plans to do so. Many apps are created to drive prospects to a company's main website by offering partial information or an adjunct to the website. It is a good way to stay connected with customers who are rarely at home or in their office.

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