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New Marketing Trends

The marketing world and digital technology continues to change and grow at an astounding rate. Just a few years ago, no marketer could have imagined the incredible role that social media would one day play in connecting with customers, spreading information, and gathering leads. As you develop your marketing plans and goals for 2015, you will need to take into account new marketing trends for the upcoming year. Some changes may profoundly impact how you go about marketing, others will be more subtle. Here are four trends that you should anticipate.

  • The importance of personalization

You must personalize your marketing messages. Customers are beginning to understand that they have control in the current market, and as the world becomes even more connected they are not likely to let go of that control any time soon. You should learn to fine tune your buyer personas and customize content for the precise individuals you are aiming to reach.

  • Transparency will become critical

As customers become more discerning and more selective with the ever increasing information at their fingertips, you will have to become more transparent. You will need to be able to tell your customers how you are working to serve them at any given time.

  • The humanization of brands

Customers have become interested in learning about the people behind the brands. They want to get to know you and the company representatives that they interact with. The bond between the agency and the buyer will become a much more personal one. In marketing, this will represent a rise in video content, personal content on blogs, storytelling, and similar methods of connecting with your customers.

  • The importance of data

Every agency should expect to take a forward leap in the world of data. There should be someone in your agency dedicated to analyzing research and marketing campaigns. It’s important to track where your leads are coming from and how they are interacting with your brand. Data as a whole will play a much larger role in making inbound marketing and digital marketing decisions.

The marketing world continues to adapt as the consumer and the technology available changes. As you prepare to develop your insurance agency marketing plans for the new year, you should consider these upcoming trends so you can remain at the forefront of the insurance industry.


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