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New Paths: Finding Better Positions for Existing Staff

You were blown away by the interview, but were you just taken for a ride? You’ve hired an amazing employee, only to discover that person is not the right fit for the position. What can you do now? You could fire that person, but you really enjoy working with her, and she has an excellent work ethic and commitment to your company.

Sometimes, helping your insurance employee try on one of the other insurance jobs at your agency can help that person find the right fit and help you keep an exceptional hire.


Why Find a New Job for an Existing Employee? 

Companies spend a great deal of money and time on hiring. In fact, according to Hundred5, “the average cost to hire an employee is $4,129, with around 42 days to fill a position.” This is a real cost to your agency, and if you discover that an individual is not the right fit, you may not feel excited about hiring from scratch. Besides, that person may have a lot of positive qualities that are a boon to your organization. For instance, the employee could be exceptional at data analysis but have poor customer service skills. Sometimes, the best way to get a return on the investment in your employee and the best way to use that person’s skills is to shift an employee into a new position.


Having a Conversation 

Often, a position shift begins with a conversation with that staff person. If you have hired a person who is reflective and insightful about the position, that employee could realize that he is not quite right for the job. Regular employee reviews have likely revealed some of these weaknesses, and you may have already implemented a training program.

In your conversation, consider the person’s strengths and enthusiasm. Where does your employee see himself going in his job? What does he do particularly well? You need to have a conversation about strengths and challenges on an ongoing basis with each of your employees, so that you can make sure that each person receives needed training and other support and that each person has a place to grow within a job.


Consider the Match Between Your Company’s Needs and Your Employee’s Strengths  

Now, step back and look at the company as a whole. According to Entrepreneur, “companies are losing talented employees simply because no one is communicating about opportunities and needs.” Are there other insurance jobs at your agency that could be a better fit for this person? For instance, an individual who struggles to manage the workflow of a front desk but excels at online marketing and web design could become your new marketing guru. While you don’t need to create a position for this person, by looking at the convergence points between your company and your employee’s particular strengths, you could find a strong match that would move your company forward.

Finding out that you have hired the wrong person doesn’t need to lead to hand-wringing and firing of that individual. You could have hired the right person for the wrong job. By looking at each employee’s strengths and having regular conversations about needs and job fit, you can create a culture of positive change at your insurance agency.

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