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News You Can Use: Is Your Agency Sending a Monthly Newsletter?

Creating a relationship with your clients is essential in maintaining your insurance agency. The more involved you are in creating a positive relationship with your clients, the more likely they are to remain loyal and even spread a recommendation to their friends or family members.

Sending out a regular newsletter is a great way to stay involved with your clients and remind them of your value.


Don’t Be a Bore

Today’s clients are looking to be entertained or find helpful tips. You will have to offer more than boring insurance information in a newsletter. Choose relevant subjects on things that are related to your insurance, such as: homeowners tips, seasonally appropriate lifestyle ideas, safety pointers or similar types of useful information.


Stay Consistent

As with the growth of any business, results will take time. Be a leader that your client can count on by sending your newsletter on a regular basis—not just once or twice a year. Remember, any time you aren’t communicating with your client, a competitor could be.

American Agents Alliance offers members a discount on a Constant Contact account. Constant Contact is a client-managed site for sending email newsletters, creating surveys and tracking results. With a Constant Contact account you will be able to create easy-to-manage contact lists and schedule newsletter delivery.  Members can log in with their username and password and visit our Constant Contact partner page here.

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