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Newsletter Marketing Tactics

Successful insurance agencies know that staying in front of clients and leads is a critical part of increasing sales and retaining policyholders. However, it’s not enough to just ask clients to join a mailing list and expect them to rush to your website to sign up. Today’s newsletter marketing tactics are all about providing value to the client, not just sending out policy review offers. Here are some ways to transform your insurance newsletter from inbox clutter to something that engages users and brings in more clients.


Create a Reason to Sign Up

Staying up to date on the latest insurance news isn’t high on many people’s list of leisure time activities. So newsletters that focus only on insurance updates, policy reviews and product of the month offerings aren’t likely to engage list members. Agencies must give readers a reason to open the email. In marketing terms, this is called a value proposition and basically means that if they sign up for your newsletter, you will give them something in return. This something can be a free gift as soon as they sign up, such as a home inventory worksheet. However, it’s better to create ongoing excitement about the newsletter. Some agents do this by holding monthly drawings for a gift certificate to a local restaurant or a store. Readers must sign up for the contest each month. Include the winner’s name in each newsletter so that clients know the contest is authentic.


Keep Readers Engaged

A promise of a prize isn’t typically enough to keep people reading week after week or month after month. To do this, you must publish content that is important to their daily lives. Try including listings of local events, so that clients look forward to your weekly or monthly newsletter. Agents can also provide seasonal tips that are pertinent to readers, such as barbecue safety, winter travel advice or holiday gift ideas. These topics not only make signing up for the newsletter more appealing, they keep it appealing over time.


Spruce Up the Call to Action

The call to action is the area on your website where clients go to sign up for the newsletter and the wording you choose is critical to your success. Don’t just include a link named “newsletter signup”. This is boring and doesn’t give visitors a real reason to sign up. Instead, use a phrase like “Subscribe to Our Newsletter and You Could Win an Ipad.” Where you place the call to action is also important. The signup link should be as close to the top of the homepage as possible and visible as soon as the page loads. Don’t make visitors scroll or click on other pages to sign up for the newsletter.

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