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Office Design For Optimal Insurance Agency Performance

Is your office design impacting the way that your employees interact and focus at their insurance jobs? Of course, it is! Our environment always impacts that way that we feel and engage with others. Here's how to design your office for performance.

Create a Pleasant Work Environment 

What makes a work environment enjoyable? Is it fresh fruit in the break room or seasonal plants in the entryway? Brainstorm with your employees to see what they find most relaxing and enjoyable, and you can determine how to make the office a place where your employees will be happy to land each morning.

Encourage Movement in the Office 

In addition to office yoga and stretch classes, you can also offer employees an opportunity to move. Place break rooms a short walk away, and design the office so that your employees can use standing desks in addition to sitting all day.

Cluster People 

If people can work with others who share their interests and ideas, they are more productive. If you're all working on the same client file or project, it's ideal to be in the same general area of the office. This allows you to collaborate more easily.

Help With Air Quality 

Poor air can lead to poor work quality and lower productivity. Install air filters, open the window if the air quality is good outdoors, and add air-purifying plants. A healthy indoor environment will lead to better work.

Change the Color For Better Productivity 

A visually-distracting environment with bright paint or one that has a lot of clutter can be difficult for the brain to focus and process. Instead, choose paint colors that are not loud. The color blue, in particular, has been shown to be helpful for focused work.

Make Sure That the Light Comes In 

While natural light is ideal, it's not always possible in an office environment. According to Life Hack, "bad lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and overall irritability." Be especially aware of dark, depressing spaces or areas where there is poor quality fluorescent lighting.

Design Each Person's Work Space

Inc suggests that you should "know your triggers." If you're in an open office environment and you find yourself distracted by the sounds of the office, consider wearing headphones. Noise-canceling headphones not only block out some of the noise, they also tell others around you that you're not to be disturbed. You can also play white noise to block out sound. If you find yourself tempted to look around at all of the visual distractions, place your desk facing a wall or another blank, boring space.

Remember Your Digital Environment

In insurance jobs, you can spend a lot of time at the computer, and it can feel like your digital space is indeed your workspace. Make sure that you configure it as an office space as well. This could include adding programs that help you with your workflow and even adding blockers to social media or signing yourself out of your email for a time so that you can get other work done.

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