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Online Classes for Insurance Agents

Are you going back to school? You may not be sitting down in a classroom at all. With online insurance continuing education, you can learn from home. Whether you're trying to increase your knowledge to advance in your field or you're shifting your career focus, online courses provide the flexibility you need to fit insurance education into your schedule. What are some of the pros and cons of online classes, and how can you sign up?

The Benefits of Online Insurance Continuing Education

When you're considering returning to school, you may have a 9-to-5 job and a family. It can be difficult to fit education into the mix. Online education can be very flexible. While some classes require you to attend a webinar or chat at a specific time, many of them are flexible in terms of timing, so you're able to learn when you have time. You're able to spend more time studying and less time commuting since the only commute is to your computer or phone. Online learning gives you the flexibility to upgrade your education no matter where you're located, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can also benefit from instructors and guests from around the world, not just those in your own community. For students who enjoy discussion and reflection, the online format allows for more time before a response, allowing you to reflect more deeply on what's being discussed.

Addressing Concerns About Online Education

One of the challenges of this format is student motivation, particularly if the class is not scheduled at a particular time. You might feel tired in the evening and less motivated to login and check classroom discussions. You might feel less connected to your teacher or other students and not be as interested in engaging in the conversation. If you're an extrovert, you might miss the fast-paced social interaction that an in-person classroom environment offers.

You can work around these challenges by scheduling yourself to work on your course at a specific time every day and by choosing classes that incorporate multiple styles of teaching, such as webinars and chat as well as assignments.

Accessing Online Classes for Insurance Agents

When you're looking for a class to continue your education, you want to find one that's high quality so that you will truly receive the education you're seeking. There are many online classes, but not all of them are organized by reputable insurance institutions. Look for classes that are offered by insurance associations to ensure that you're going to be working with those in your field and learning from them as well. For example, the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research offers a wide selection of online courses. These classes include introductory courses for new employees, such as an introduction to commercial property insurance. They also include courses on ethical issues and topics of concern in the field, such as flood insurance.

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