Partnering with Local Home Improvement Companies

If you are looking for new ways to draw in prospects and reconnect with your existing insurance clients, one method is to work with a local home improvement company as a partner to offer seminars in home improvement and maintenance. A partnership can turn into a win-win scenario for both companies by offering added value services to your clientele.

Cooperative prospecting

By pooling your customer and prospect lists, you can invite people to attend free short classes on home improvement and maintenance techniques and teach them why good home maintenance will keep their insurance rates lower. Customers are always looking for ways to save money and will appreciate your helping them to do so. Home improvement and maintenance is needed primarily on a seasonal basis including preventative measures before severe weather strikes and repairs due to regular household wear and tear.


Seminars can offer step-by-step guidance to clients of when to call the insurance company for help, and when to take care of repairs by themselves. As an insurance agent, you can also offer them periodic updates as to government discounts on energy-saving appliances or upgrades to their homes. You may also be able to offer attendees a discount to the home improvement store that you are partnering with as an incentive to attend. The discount saves them money on necessary items even though you are not cutting their insurance rates. A discount is a discount. After all, the money all comes from the same place.


There are benefits to working with a home improvement company as a partner if they agree to invite their customers to the event. You will have the opportunity to meet new prospects for your insurance business that are already homeowners, thereby qualifying them as needed insurance. You will be able to discuss insurance with the group as a whole, and set up appointments for discussing insurance needs before people leave. The more added-value services you can offer your clients and prospects, the more reasons they have to cement a relationship with you that will endure. Partnering with another local business is one step in that direction.

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