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Be Passionate About Your Insurance Agency and It Will Show

The social media space is filled with small and local businesses that give a half-hearted effort at maintaining their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

To quote an unknown philosopher, “Go Big or Go Home.”

With social media, you will get out of it what you put into it. Indeed, social networking can be an untapped resource for your business but just like anything else worth doing, it will require some time, energy and work to produce results for your agency.

Think of it this way, you may consider word of mouth advertising and existing client referrals as one of the best ways to obtain new clients and that definitely still rings true; but when you have a Facebook Fan Page, developing a dedicated following is as simple as letting your existing clients know your page actually exists.

On Facebook, your newest fan’s personal network branches out and connects to another, and so on and so forth. This is an extremely helpful step in developing new leads for your insurance agency. All of your clients’ friends see that they “liked” your insurance agency in their news feed; they will also see if your client comments on or “likes” a link, status update or any other piece of content you may share on your Fan Page wall. That is direct, almost instantaneous exposure to an entire network people. Your newest Facebook fan has just given your insurance agency an endorsement to all of their friends who may be in the market for one of your products—for example, a personal lines necessity such as Wisconsin home insurance.

As a tool to refer new business, your Facebook Fan Page can give someone a first impression of your insurance agency so you want to make sure you are always putting your best foot forward. Your business page gives you the ability to show people how passionate you are about your business and inevitably helps to direct traffic to your company website.

When it comes to the example of a consumer who is looking to purchase homeowners insurance, having an insurance agency that will be there to protect you in the direst of circumstances is paramount. People want an insurance agent that is a phone call away – or in this case just a click – and an insurance agent with whom they have rapport. For many people, their home is not only their most valuable asset; it is a place that is filled with valuable possessions and memories.

At Community Insurance we have learned very quickly how critical it is to exude our passion through our Facebook Fan Page. The more effort, commitment and initiative we put into our social community, the more visible we become and the more our dedication shines through. We’ve taken to heart the idea that as an independent agency we too must “Go Big or Go Home”, and each day we strive to carry that mindset forward. If you truly want to reach out to new prospects, develop stronger relationships and positively grow your business don’t be afraid to convey your passion.


About the Author: Dale Bestul is Principal at Community Insurance & Associates located in Wisconsin.

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