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Private Flood Policies that Exceed NFIP

With El Nino flood loss top of mind to so many of us, perhaps private flood is our next priority.

Many agents are now discovering qualifying clients are happy to consider a private flood policy when they need more choices than their NFIP policy might offer. Choices that may bring them additional coverages for likely less premium and also will satisfy their lender’s need.  

For example, The Private Flood Alternative™, offered by Wright Flood Insurance Services, LLC is now open in California and offers Additional Living Expense or Loss of Rents coverage as well as replacement cost values on both primary and secondary properties at often significantly less premium—that’s an offer clients who are offered a private flood policy find a very high value.    

Robert Pichay, regional sales manager from Wright finds agents “surprised with the ease of quoting PFA”  while clients feel their agents are “finding solutions to their flood needs.”

“Agents can quote their NFIP flood online and get a comparable Private Flood Alternative™ quote for qualifying properties at the same time—no extra effort to quote than a normal NFIP policy.”  

Private flood with ease of use, underwritten by financially stable companies—that’s a priority for sure.

Before your clients renew their FLOOD…consider a new choice: 

The Private Flood Alternative™ offers an affordable, financially secure flood insurance policy to select property owners looking for flexibility in insurance coverage.*

  • Premium savings up to 40%

  • Coverages exceed NFIP

  • Meets lenders requirements

  • Convenient renewal options

  • Claims by flood experts

For more information contact: 

Robert Pichay
(727) 410-1666

Copyright 2015 Wright National Flood Insurance Services, LLC, in all states excluding California, (dba Wright Flood Insurance Services, LLC, CA License #0D26879). No reproduction without permission. *Specific coverage, conditions and/or limitations vary by issuing carrier. Read policy for specific details. 


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