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Prop 33 Supporters

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The American Agents Alliance wants to thank the agents and brokers who supported Proposition 33. Unfortunately, the headwinds created by labor unions opposing Proposition 32—who spent over 70 million dollars to encourage consumers to turn out and vote no on all of the ballot initiatives—was too much to overcome at the end of the day.

We needed 4,926,013 yes votes and we received 4,472,209. The opponents of Proposition 32 took a scorched earth approach to defeating it, encouraging voters to vote no on all of the ballot initiatives, and we became collateral damage.

In the closing days of the campaign, we saw our lead evaporate and our poll tracking numbers flip as the opponents of Proposition 32 blanketed consumers with millions of dollars of highly targeted advertising.

Our campaign team at Marketplace Communications and Aaron Read & Associates ran a fantastic campaign and we wouldn’t change a thing if we could—some things were simply beyond their control or ours.

We would like to thank George Joseph, who provided generous personal financial support to a campaign that sought to empower consumers with another discount and increase competition. We also want to thank the many groups and organizations that endorsed our initiative. Proposition 33 would have increased competition, lowered rates for drivers and reduced the number of uninsured drivers on California roads and highways.

Naturally, we are disappointed with the result, but we respect the initiative process and thank everyone who worked so tirelessly on the campaign.

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