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Quality Insurance Networking Matters

“Quality, not quantity.” These are words to live by in many circumstances, and when you’re networking, they are certainly true. You don’t only want to find people to learn from and connect to – you want to find the right connections. An insurance agents’ alliance can help you find a way to build the network you need.


The Right Kind of Networking Experience 

Insurance networking isn’t only about meeting new people, collecting business cards, and having conversations. It’s about having the right kind of networking experience. What makes a quality networking experience?

  • Finding people for discussing problems and your areas of growth. Whether this is a speaker at a workshop or someone in a similar situation to your own, these people are the ones who potentially hold solutions to your problems.
  • People who take an interest in your work should be part of your network. You might meet them at conferences or find them in an online class. They may not have immediate relevance to the work that you’re doing, but they hold the potential for a deeper connection in the future.
  • When you’re networking, find out how you can help. It’s better to give first and ask to receive help later. According to Inc, “before you ask for something, make sure you’ve invested in that person.” Perhaps you have tips on computer software that can make other peoples’ work easier. Other people might benefit from your expertise getting into a new area of insurance or expanding to multiple locations. Look for people who can benefit from your knowledge and people who have contacts and information that you may need.
  • At networking events, look for the people who matter to you, not just the business that they represent. If you meet someone who’s moving up or innovating in their field, keep in touch. That person could be the key to opening new areas of information or new networks in the future.

Networking Well 

Going into networking events with a good attitude will help you succeed in your quest to build a quality network. When you’re networking, attend diverse events that are relevant to your field, and seek to build relationships.

Consider becoming a writer, teacher, presenter, or exhibitor as well, since everyone has something to share. This can help position you as an authority and develop the interest of others in similar circumstances. As you meet people who could be key to your business success, take notes on their interests and needs and stay in touch so that you can help fulfill those needs.


Networking Insurance Agents: Your Insurance Agents’ Alliance 

At American Agents Alliance, one of our focus areas is network development for insurance agents. We offer multiple ways to improve your insurance network, including:

  • An annual conference with both presentations and exhibitors as well as opportunities for casual conversation with other independent insurance professionals. Not only will you learn about tools and trends in the insurance field, you’ll also learn more about those in your field, the challenges that they face, and how they are addressing them.
  • Opportunities to advance your insurance education and connect with other students in person and online through online CE courses and other training such as harassment training.


American Agents Alliance is your insurance network builder. We’ve been providing networking opportunities for insurance agents for years, both online and at our annual conference. Contact us today and see how you can build your insurance network.

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