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Quick Tips for Building a Solid Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

Bon voyage! You’ve just launched your insurance agency’s marketing plan. As you set sail, it can give you peace of mind to know that you’ve built a solid marketing vessel. Here’s how to ensure your foundation is strong if you are in the process of developing your insurance agency marketing strategy.


Understand Your Agency

As you begin to make a plan, take a look at your insurance agency. What do you do, and who are your customers? What skills do your employees bring? By doing an inventory of your business, you will better understand the strengths and weaknesses that you bring to your field of work.


Set Benchmarks for Your Insurance Agency Marketing

Understanding where you are now and where you’d like to go will help you achieve your goals. Set benchmarks for your marketing. Understand your current sales and trends and your current clients. Why do you lose clients and sales? How do you gain them? Understand your specialty areas and your competition within these. After you’ve done your research, it’s time to set goals both for the short and the long term.


Create a Long-Term Plan

When you’re embarking on your marketing voyage, you need to have the coordinates of the places you’d like to go. Even if your plans change over time, you can use your planning to set a general course. Consider your long-term plans for new sales, but also consider your plans for adjusting your niche or retaining your current clients.


Understand and Adjust Your Existing Marketing Tactics

Take a look at your existing marketing tactics and evaluate how they work for you. What do you spend on each kind of marketing, and how well does it attract new clients, retain new ones, or spread your message and establish your reputation in the industry as a whole? If you don’t currently measure your marketing success, think of ways that you can do this with your new marketing campaign.


Go Digital

As you create your marketing plan, remember that your online visitors are very important. How can you cultivate them and turn them from leads into clients? By creating solid content, you develop a relationship with your prospective clients. Your marketing plan should include ways to develop your email list, such as free offers to those who subscribe. Consider how you’ll use social media in your marketing. Investigate different social media venues if you’re not established on them already, and think about how each one could work for your business. Target one or two to begin, and develop a thorough profile with diverse forms of engagement. Ask your leads questions, solicit their feedback, and participate in social media communities to learn about and connect with potential clients.


Make it Simple

In this fast-paced digital age, look for ways to make your clients’ experience simple and straightforward. Add quote forms on your site to allow your visitors to request a quote, and have multiple ways for prospective clients to get in touch, including contact forms.


Provide Value

Create a positive image for your agency in the industry, and be an agency that provides true value to your leads whether they are clients or not. As you develop your email list, create newsletters that provide tips for your clients in addition to sales information. Develop blog posts, webinars, and e-books that establish you as an authority in your field and cultivate connections between you and your customers.


Connect to the Community

In your efforts to develop an online presence, remember to continue your real life community presence as well. Create a referral program so that existing clients can get bonuses for referrals, or sponsor a community event to connect prospective clients locally.

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