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Red Flags: What to Watch For in Your New Employees

You want your insurance business to succeed, and you also need to hire a new employee. In an ideal world, the two would mesh with one another. You would find an employee who would bring a cheerful demeanor to your business, be exceptional with details, and bring customer service that encourages your clients to refer their friends. However, the real world can be less than ideal. Sometimes, you don’t make the right hiring choices. What red flags should you look for in new employees?


There’s a Lot of Complaining Going On 

Usually, a new employee will be rather pleased about the fact that she has a new job. She’ll try to be kind to people in the office, and she won’t complain. If you notice that a new hire is complaining about the boss, the wages, and the working conditions when no one else is, or if that person seems to think that the position is beneath their abilities, you may have hired someone who didn’t really want to have the job in the first place.


Your Employee is Slow But Not Careful 

While you have E&O insurance to ensure that your business can go on even in the face of an employee error, you don’t want to have to use it. If a new employee seems uncertain about what to do most of the time, requires an extraordinary amount of assistance and training to do some of the basic job functions, and completes tasks incorrectly, you could have hired a person who is not actually able to do the job competently. Double this if the person makes a mistake, and then makes it again the next day.


Your New Hire is Distracted 

The work world is full of distractions. Facebook and Instagram are constantly calling. It’s tempting to order clothes online when you should be filling out client forms. While you might allow people to connect to social media at lunch or be available for emergency calls from their children’s school, if you notice that your new employees spends a lot of time doing what could only be classified as personal activities at work, then this could be a red flag that this person is not dedicated and will not be able to easily get work done. According to Fast Company, “If your new hire is texting or checking social media within a week or two of being hired, consider it a red flag.”


The New Person Doesn’t Connect 

While work is not a social occasion, it is sociable in many ways. Your new employee needs to connect with others in the workplace. Not only does this build positive feelings, but it also brings a sense of brand unity and encourages your new employee to ask questions. If she’s eating alone and doesn’t seem interested in talking to others, you may have hired someone who’s not that engaged in your company culture.


You Don’t Get Many Questions

While some people might be concerned about new employees’ questions, if your employee asks relevant questions and then applies this knowledge, you have a great new employee. Get worried if your new hire just goes about his job and doesn’t ask for any help at all. According to Workopolis, “when a new hire asks questions, they’re showing that they are engaged and interested in success.” Failing to ask questions might mean that the job is second nature, but it could also mean that he’s too embarrassed to ask for help or feeling overly competent.

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